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Install USSM

Install the dependencies

You should find these dependencies in your package system (apt-get, synaptic…). Note that USSM is written for Unix systems. I made no attempt to port it to Windows, though it may work mostly out of the box with with Cygwin or MinGW and MSYS, and Perl.

Download USSM


Install USSM

Open a Bash command line, unfold the archive, go to the newly created folder, and install the system:

$ tar -xzf ussm.tar.gz
$ cd ussm/
$ make && make install

Note that this may not work with the latest OCaml version. (This project is beginning to age, and I use deprecated mutable strings.) If the above does not work, add -unsafe-string to the compiler arguments. Also, run make clean before running make again (the incremental build is a bit broken).

It will add various executables to ~/bin/, and a ~/.ussm/ folder. If you prefer, you may use /usr/bin/ and /etc/ussm/ instead. To do this, apply this patch to the makefile (I know it’s ugly. I may use the Autotools someday):

< CONF_DIR = ~/.ussm
< BIN_DIR  = ~/bin
> CONF_DIR = /etc/ussm
> BIN_DIR  = /usr/bin

Note that BIN_DIR can be any directory that is in your path. CONF_DIR, however, should only be ~/.ussm/ or /etc/ussm/, or USSM won’t see it, and you’ll have to work around that.