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Password Generator

This is a direct implementation of an Idea from John Graham-Cuming, plus a few improvements.

I found that a naive random character generator generate special characters too often. That makes passwords typing really tedious. So, I took the liberty to skew the probabilities. Of course, that hurts entropy, but not much.

How to use it

Download the C file, compile it, then run the executable. It reads the random seed from the standard imput, and writes a nice square of random characters to the standard output.

$ gcc passgen.c -o passgen.out
$ ./passgen.out </dev/random

Note that /dev/random often runs out of entropy, so this may take a while. You can accellerate the processus by… launching lots of others, to feed the random seed. If you're in a real hurry, you can use /dev/urandom. The result comes right away, but isn't truly random. I don't know whether it's safe (I'm no expert), so be careful.